Courageous Transformations
The road to recovery
Courageous Transformations understands that taking your first step on your road to recovery requires a lot of Courage. We refer to you as a Courageous One. Each step brings you one step closer to your recovery goals, and our staff helps you form a plan to help you each step of the way.
Once you contact us, we will schedule an appointment to meet and complete the paperwork to get started. Get a head-start by downloading our Registration Form.
When you arrive, we will talk with you about your drug use to help design the best recovery plan for you. Your recovery plan is centered on your success and your safety. You will talk with the nurse and doctor who will perform a physical assessment. You will also meet with our counselors. This first day can take some time, so please dress comfortably.
Your comprehensive treatment plan is individualized and requires your honest feedback. The comprehensive treatment plan contains issues relating to your addiction and your recovery that will be dealt with now and later in treatment. As treatment progresses, the treatment plan will be updated every 90 days, or sooner if there is a significant change in your life.
During each counseling visit and when the treatment plan is updated, your counselor will help to provide you with tools to obtain your goals and will assess where you stand in your road to recovery.
Courageous One, we are here for you. We are part of your support team every step on your road to recovery. We also will include your loved ones, if you wish, to help them understand how to best support you on your journey.
You will receive a Patient Orientation Packet which describes in further detail our philosophy, policies, and pricing.
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